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As a root crop, ube (also known as purple yam) is a versatile ingredient in making desserts. Enjoy its goodness by eating it as it is or include it in the fine mixture for pastries, jams, cold desserts such as halo-halo, or even truffles.

Through the years, ube has been taking part in every Filipino special celebration. Truly, ube makes things special.

Founders and sisters Donna May Lina and Sheila Lina started UBE Media as a concept and production boutique in 2003. Together, they produced numerous projects that have gathered recognitions and pride.

One of the TV shows produced was Next Stop on NBN 4 which won an Anak TV Seal Award in 2005. UBE Media also produced the one and only local golf lifestyle TV show in the Philippines called A Round of Golf which aired on Solar Sports(2008-2012).

During the days with the Manila Symphony Orchestra, UBE Media also produced Rockestra, a concert featuring the fusion of classical and modern OPM music. Along with media production and events, UBE Media was already handling websites, design, copywriting, and corporate videos. Through the challenges brought by time, UBE Media proved its versatility by growing as a holistic marketing communications, events, and online media company.


Anything done with passion produces special results.

Coining the term “purple heart” or “pusong ube” from our Chairman, a “pusong ube” is a heart that serves with passion.

Along with our passion to bring only the best for our clients is assuring that each person in the company is endowed with good health and wellness. We advocate proper life-work balance. We believe that a person can only perform at his or her best if life is lived happily and accordingly.

Part of our passionate service is the heart to know our catered industries very well. We carefully study the scope of environment, food, logistics, sports, music, jewellery, e-commerce, education, merchandise, and human capital management.

Hence, we pride to be one of the few creative companies that understands the language of logistics, an industry that supports Philippine trade and commerce.

Purple is a combination of blue and red, shades that depict power, royalty, and attractiveness. Combining both colors results to elegance. Elegance is the language of fine output and legacy.

Purple is like sugar and spice. Purple is versatile and never goes out of style. Purple is the natural color of UBE.


The most trusted and effective marketing communication and media production company
that consistently excels in enabling businesses achieve its goals.


  • Providing the highest quality of work
  • Delivering effective messages
  • Inspiring people


President & Chief Creative Officer

Marketing Manager

Head, Operations and Marketing Support

Graphic Specialist

Media Specialist

Web Programmer

Company Driver

Junior Marketing Specialist

Senior Brand & Creative Specialist


  • Creative agency and production team in one.
  • Quick thinking and versatile.
  • Engineered project management strategy.
  • Special attention to details.
  • We chill out. Out of town work simply looks like a vacation with added responsibilities.
  • Ultimate Bonding Experience.

We keep ourselves updated on the current industry and culture trends. We love to learn, and it is our passion to share the knowledge that we gained all these years. Our Mission to hone future communications practitioners is grounded by our thrust to provide students with a culture of professionalism, fun, and friendship in the workplace.

We at UBE Media are always delighted to accept interns who wish to learn holistic marketing communication, events, and online media.